Domestic Travel Insurance

Policy Detail

Many people make the mistake of thinking that travel insurance isn't necessary for domestic holidays, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Domestic travel still has the same risks as travelling abroad.

You could have your bags lost by the airline, you can just as easily get ill or injured and have to cancel your whole trip, and you are just as likely to have trouble getting refunds from your cancellations.

Domestic travel insurance is as necessary as worldwide travel insurance and when you consider how reasonably priced these policies are you wouldn't dream of going without it.

1Cover's domestic travel insurance covers unlimited cancellation fees and lost deposits, meaning that if you do have to cancel your trip you won't be out of pocket. This may occur for a number of reasons, for example you are injured, a family member falls seriously ill, or if the weather prevents your flight from landing where it is supposed to.

If you are renting a car on your domestic holiday you will be pleased to know that 1Cover will cover the rental vehicle excess up to $5000, meaning you don't have to pay the additional daily rate to lower the rental company's excess. This can save you up to hundreds of dollars.

Chances are you will be taking the same luggage on your trip domestically as you would overseas. 1Cover recognise how essential it is to have cover for your personal belongings. Under our Domestic travel insurance your luggage is covered up to $5000.

We have been trusted by over 1 million customers worldwide to look after them when they travel. We offer all our customers 24 hour Emergency Assistance, 365 days a year.